Toggled – A Dark Psychological Thriller

TOGGLED is a dark psychological thriller that makes you ask, “who lives in my neighborhood?”

A young girl’s one-sided infatuation for her mysterious neighbor, grows stronger than it should.
A handsome young inventor’s feelings for his mother turn into a passion that burns whiter than it should.
A young single mother battles the ghosts of her past as her love for her son runs deeper than it should.

Leah’s dangerous infatuation with her mysterious neighbor, Brice’s acute possessiveness for his mother, and Rachel’s career in forensic psychology, come together to weave a story that Continue reading “Toggled – A Dark Psychological Thriller”

We are more Immoral than we can imagine.


The human brain is an enigma – a mystery still to be solved, its potential yet to be measured.

The mind can make us do things, consciously and sub-consciously, and the things that it makes us do, can lie anywhere upon the continuum of morality.

The two ends of this continuum lie beyond the spectrum of our consciousness. Continue reading “We are more Immoral than we can imagine.”

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