Strange Weather in Tokyo.

Strange name for a book and stranger was the way in which I happened to read it. A friend who was invited for lunch knew that I love books and he arrived lugging five books none of which belonged to any of the genres that I prefer reading. (My preferred reading comprises fantasy, historical fiction, science-fiction, and thrillers – in that order.)

I think he must’ve generalized that being a woman I would be interested in romance and so two out of the five books were in the Romance genre. One was “The Winner Stands Alone” by Paulo Coelho and one was a thriller –  “The Girl who Played with Fire” by Stieg Larsson. If you’ve read my recent posts, you know that for the last one year, I’ve been terribly distracted, so despite picking up “The Girl who Played with Fire” first, I gave up after a few pages. Then I picked up the 175 pages long (or short) “Strange Weather in Tokyo,” and was pleasantly surprised that its simple narrative kept me engaged.

———– Spoiler Alert ———–

The heroine of the novel, Tsukiko is a 37-year-old single woman who meets her high-school teacher at a bar. The teacher is over 60, widowed and a man who leads a simple life. Gradually, for no particular reason, except perhaps her loneliness, Tsukiko starts enjoying her random encounters with her teacher, who she calls “Sensei” throughout the book. Eventually, she realizes that she has fallen in love with him, when she becomes jealous of the attention he showers on a woman teacher. 

———– Spoiler Alert ———–

The storyline, as you can see, is fairly simple and straightforward. I prefer stories with complex plots (Philippa Gregory’s Tudor books are some of my favorites.) The characters are simple and straightforward too. I like complex, layered characters (Tyrion Lannister of the Game of Thrones is one of my favorites.) The settings don’t change much and the descriptions don’t have enough details – in fact, I still don’t know what everyone looks like. I like to “see” the places, “watch” the events unfold, “look at” the characters…

And yet, I read the whole book at a time when I couldn’t get myself to read at all. I think Hiromi Kawakami, the author, wanted to achieve just that. Her book is polite and laid-back like her characters, the love-story is devoid of passion – it just…flows along, and that’s the charm of the book.

Here’s a picture.

Strange Weather in Tokyo by Hiromi Kawakami

I guess that’s all 🙂

(And if I am starting to add smilies at the end of my sentences, I am already on my way to meet and bring back my old, happier self.)

The Price of Nofret’s Nose – A Murder Mystery set in Ancient Egypt.

I’m glad to announce that “The Price of Nofret’s Nose” can now be pre-ordered on Amazon 🙂

Please click the following link to book your copy.

The Price of Nofret’s Nose: Honor & Murder in Ancient Egypt

Apparently everything is well in the Amaat Household.

The elder brother Idut is favored by Pharaoh and has been appointed administrator of the Net-uri quarry in the Bekhen valley. His wife Nofret is a lovely young woman who stays home with his blind mother, and his bright young brother Lumeri has now joined him at the quarry.

But when Idut falls to his death at the quarry, cracks begin to surface. Lumeri knows that his brother’s fall wasn’t an accident. In his quest to find justice for his brother, Lumeri discovers a truth that devastates him; and yet nothing can prepare him for the unexpected face of evil that awaits him at home.

In this tale of love & loyalty, greed & lust, and life & death, walk the streets of Qift and Memphis and stay in a noble’s house, where the price of a nose would be paid with lives, and the only thing standing between good and evil would be the loyalty of a slave.

A thrilling murder-mystery, “The Price of Nofret’s Nose,” is set in the New Kingdom, and it opens an intriguing window into the lives of the Ancient Egyptian nobility. As you turn its pages and lose yourself into it, it makes you recoil in horror, smile with hope, blush in anticipation, and sigh with satisfaction.

The Price of Nofret's Nose - A Murder Mystery set in the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt (Reign of Rameses IV) - Author: S.R. Anand.


I wish all my friends in the virtual world and my dear visitors, a great year ahead 🙂

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