Yonder Worlds are worlds that call me. They torture my imagination and demand that I etch them on paper. These are worlds that are ancient, future, or fantastical.

Through this blog, I hope to share my glimpses of these worlds. I cannot say which worlds would beckon me in future, but for now Ancient Egypt has me in its thralls.

I am a storyteller who writes historical and psychological thrillers, epic fantasy, and science fiction. When I am home, I can be found in my room, scribbling, typing, and guzzling tea; smiling at my invisible characters and driving my family up the wall.
When I am not writing, I daydream and find myself transported to alternate worlds – historical, fantastical, or dystopian. These I call my Yonder Worlds.

I find it difficult to stop myself from reading stories in almost everything I experience, but when I can pull the brakes, I draw, paint, and teach.

– S.R.A.

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