7 Short Stories – An Eclectic Collection of Tales that Twist and Turn.

This post is a collection of my short stories that have appeared on this blog. If you are a reader who likes variations, I have a feeling that you’ll enjoy these 🙂

Cracked Mirrors and The Grim Reaper 

When a mirror cracks, somewhere the Grim Reaper reaps a soul.

Window - the story - Cracked Mirrors and the Grim Reaper.

The Siren & the Banshee

When a siren and a banshee both call – whose call do you answer?


Be Careful What you Wish For

The Cumaean Sibyl asks for the boon immortality and then attempts to fool the very god who had granted her wish…and the boon turns into her bane.

Cumaean Sibyl and Apollo - Story - Mythology - Seer forecaster.

The Mist Maiden

The border between life and death appears final only to those who are alive…

A Sea Maiden resting on a Rocky Shore - Alfred_Augustus_Glendening_Jr.

A Mother’s Soul

The tenacity of a mother’s soul is surpassed only by the love she feels for her child.

A Mother's Soul - A Short Story by S.R. Anand.

The Perfect Costume

Mark’s quest for the perfect costume ends in a revelation that devastates him.

Couple kissing - Love, Loyalty, Fidelity: The Perfect Costume - Short Story by SR Anand.

The Thaw

When twenty years of marriage stands on the brink of a breakup – a sign is all that is needed…

Title image for the short story "The Thaw" by S. R. Anand. - a book, a firki.


I hope you enjoy the stories 🙂 Thanks.

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