Finding Time…The Eternal Quest.

Time is such a charmer, you see. A casanova of sorts. First, it binds your heart with invisible silk and encloses it in a soft embrace, lulling it into believing that it would be there for you forever – and then, one day, you wake up with your heart cold and shivering, and realize that the sweet, calming comfort is gone. And then you see time fleeing away. The pile of tasks to be completed,  you learn, had been growing undetected, and transformed into a time-guzzling monster.

I can’t seem to find time these days. I need it to write blogposts, to edit “The Price of Nofret’s Nose”, to dream about the characters I want to write about, and to read. I need time to get my  pending paperwork in order and to reply to the emails that’ve been collecting in my inbox.

I know that this quest isn’t mine alone. We all are trying to find time, and while the reasons of our pursuit may vary, its object remains the same – we want more seconds, minutes, and hours. We want more days, months, and years.

This is why, my friends, I’ve not been able to visit your fabulous blogs, nor make more posts…but I know that I shall find the time, for this isn’t the first time that I’ve challenged this time-eating monster, and made it disappear.

I’m sure, I’ll do it again, and then I’ll find time.


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