We are more Immoral than we can imagine.


The human brain is an enigma – a mystery still to be solved, its potential yet to be measured.

The mind can make us do things, consciously and sub-consciously, and the things that it makes us do, can lie anywhere upon the continuum of morality.

The two ends of this continuum lie beyond the spectrum of our consciousness.

  • The moral end of the continuum reveals itself when we surprise ourselves by responding sympathetically to a particular situation.
  • The immoral end of the continuum is often sinfully delightful. When this end makes itself known, we find ourselves shocked – sometimes deliciously, but always secretly, for we like to project us as more moral than immoral.

Since morality weighs heavier than immorality on social expectations, when our brain makes us aware of our immoral longings, we throw a veil upon it and hide it from ourselves – we bury it deep, but the deeper we bury our immorality, the more we want to see it, feel it, and experience it. Our immoral desires, thus become the forbidden fruit. They begin to invade our sub-conscious and capture our dreams; and if we allow them, they start controlling our actions.

Fortunately, most of us can wrest the control back and keep our immorality buried.

But there are those who can’t.

What if you knew someone who couldn’t?

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